Are you looking for Schlitterbahn coupons?

Are you looking for Schlitterbahn couponsSummer is here again. Since kids are out of school and on vacation you might be looking for fun ways to spend the summer break.

Apart from barbecues, summer courses nothing beats going to recreational and amusements parks. Through generations recreational parks is a major part of childhood.

Schlitterbahn Waterparks and Resorts is worth considering. It is a resort and waterpark at the same time. So instead of just lounging around the pool this place offers numerous water activities and water attractions. You can also spend a night or two at this place because they offer accommodation, too.

Schlitterbhan rates are as follows:

Full Park Day (all-day pass)
• Prepaid Rate $40.99
• Gate Rate $43.99

One-Day Child Admission (ages 3-11)
• Prepaid Rate $35.99
• Gate Rate $38.99

One-Day Senior Admission (ages 55 and up)
• Prepaid Rate $35.99
• Gate Rate $38.99

Two-Day General Admission
• Prepaid Rate $67.99
• Gate Rate $70.99

Two-Day Child Admission
• Prepaid Rate $57.99
• Gate Rate $60.99

Two-Day Senior Admission (ages 55 and up)
• Prepaid Rate $57.99
• Gate Rate $60.99

Discounts from Schiltterbahn offers a couple of admission and meal options according to your family’s needs. Schlitterbahn offer a discounted rate to larger groups.

mind blowing If you are a group of 15 Schlitterbahn offers a discounted rate. Prepaid rates are also much cheaper compared to gate rates or when you pay at the gates on the day of your arrival in the resort.

By coming in large groups you save a lot and get more of your money’s worth.

But if you are coming in a smaller group and would still want to get discounted rates there are a couple of websites that offer Schillterbahn coupons. offers an all day admission coupon that gives you a 40 percent discount on all day pass at the waterpark and resort.
Schlitterbahn’s gate rate for an all day pass is at $43.99 per head. The park’s discounted prepaid rate is at $40.99 per head.

But with coupons that can be purchased at you can get all-day general pass at $27.99. That is quite a deal. also offer the same rate for all-day pass at Schlitterbahn at $27.99. also offers discounted coupons for the waterpark and resort. They offer coupons that give yo $36.00 off on you admission fees. There are also coupons that save you $10.00 on your admission rates.

We suggest you look into these website before booking your trip to Schlitterbahn. Coupons are usually a good idea especially you are bringing your family or you are coming with a group of less than 15 people. Coupons give you more value for money.

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