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Happy Wheels Full Version

I can see you are a fan of the Happy Wheels game, one of the best ragdoll games in the world. Developed and built by Jim Bonacci, this online game has captured the hearts of millions of gamers all around the world. Awesome graphics, funny scenarios, interesting maps, tough obstacles ā€“ this is a small list of positive sides which this game can offer you, you will laugh hard, you will laugh for a long time and you will enjoy every last bit of this online game I guarantee you that for sure.

First of all characters of the game: well they all look funny and hilarious and the vehicles that they drive are just something else, no really you should see it yourself. Each vehicle, as well as character, has its own unique abilities which may help in specific situations to overcome specific obstacles. As you know the main goal of the game is to reach the finish line ALIVE!, so you have to understand well which abilities and which characters are more fit for your specific map, otherwise, you will lose and your character will die in the most horrific way.

Now as for the maps: maps are very creative and all of them have some kind of scenarios in it, if you want to finish the map you will have to follow the script, simple like that. It is important to note that many people create their own maps, with their own scenarios and rules. You can do it as well if you want to and the best part is you can share it with other users all over the globe. Some user-made maps are going viral often and millions of people play those maps, even popular YouTubers enjoy it and they feature those maps on their channels. YouTube videos with Happy Wheels games are also extremely popular, they often reach millions of views in a short time, so I guess you have a clear idea of how popular this online game is.

Creative levels, funny characters, unique vehicles, dark humor, memes, etc. game has so many interesting features and it also gets updated so often, truly this is an outstanding online game and I highly suggest you give it a try, Iā€™m pretty sure you will love it.