Money Saving Tips When Shopping at Bulk Barns

Money Saving Tips When Shopping at Bulk Barns.

For those who love saving some pennies when it comes to shopping, Bulk Barns is an old favorite and I declare myself as a big fan too, today I will tell you the reason.

Money Saving Tips When Shopping at Bulk Barns
Why Bulk Barns? 

In case you do not know them, Bulk Barns is a Canadian bulk food store with very competitive prices and great quality products, the Bulk Barns stores are massive and carry over 4,000 products including, pasta, rice, beans and healthy products like gluten free products, peanut free products, kale powder, a great variety that can be held by their large stores. The shopping experience at Bulk Barns is really unique, you can select the amount of product you want to buy (from very little to a large amount) and they have strict hygiene and quality policies, so you can be sure the products are great quality and safe.

How to Save Money Shopping at Bulk Barns.

For the quality mentioned, Bulk Barns might sound like a very expensive store, but actually is like a regular store: some items are very inexpensive and others are overpriced, so when we shop we need to be smart and make sure to get the best for little money.

One of the best things about Bulk Barn is that despite being like any other store in terms of prices they frequently have offers, discounts and coupons you can get easily. The best part of this deals and coupons is a benefit for both parts reflected in the sales of the stores and the money you can keep in your wallet.

The most popular Bulk Barns coupon is the $3 off 10$, it means a 30% discount, imagine what you could get if you had this coupon in every purchase! The $3 coupons last about a week when released and then they expire, the coupons are released regularly, but make sure you get enough of your products so you can wait until the coupons are available again.

Other Things to Take in Account.

Know the prices of the items you intend to buy, so you will know if there is real money saving or it is just an illusion, buy only the items that are worth the discount and represent a real opportunity to afford them at lower prices and you will not regret you bought them when you see they are cheaper somewhere else.

Watch out, deals and coupons have expiration date and they are no longer helpful once they expire if your intention is saving money make sure to check your coupon before going to the store and plan accordingly if you don’t want to experience an awkward moment at the store.

You can check the deals of the week in their website and also they release coupons there, also there are good websites that can allow you to track the best deals like:,, and