Just Build LOL Unblocked

Just Build LOL Unblocked

A lot of people enjoy games like Fortnite, this is a battle royale kind of game where your main objective is to survive and defeat all of your opponents. Apart from shooting, looting stuff, and minding your business in games like this, you can also build various structures, don’t underestimate the complicated process of building, there is more to it than you can see at the first glance and in order to figure out everything peacefully we offer you brand new game – Just Build LOL Unblocked.

About the game
Building, that is exactly what this game is all about, it mimics the original game in physics, in the movement of the character, in the game design, world structure, and the most important part – the possibility to build various structures.

The only difference to the original game is that there are no opponents here, there are no weapons, and no players who can disturb you. You just have an open world, a lot of time, and various building tools to improve your building skills in the game.

Importance of building
Pretty common mistake actually, why do we need building skills in a shooter game? Aren’t shooting games all about fast reaction, fast decision making, and good aim? Well, yes I usually answer, but in games like Fortnite, it gets a little bit trickier. You see really skilled players often use various structures to their advantage, in both offensive and defensive ways. They can build stairs and attack you from above, they can build walls and use them as a shield and there are other structures as well that can be used in other ways as well.

This is exactly when Just Build LOL comes in handy, it is not a game, it is in fact more something like an educational tool to improve building skills and I must say that developers did an awesome job since it mimics real one so well.

Main tools
– With the Z button, you can build walls.
– With the X button, you can build a plate.
– With the C button, you can build stairs.
– With the V button, you can build a pyramid.
– With the Y button, you can place spikes.
– With the F button, you can destroy unwanted structures.

If you want to see the full list of control keys please check the image attachment.

It is one thing to use your building skills in the middle of the fight and completely different to find creativity while doing so and outsmart your opponents. So how do we learn creative ways to build amazing structures? Well, practice makes perfect, right? Take your time, don’t rush the process, pick various structures, place them together, see what it looks like, how to use it to your advantage, etc.

I know that it is not that easy, I get it, but you can get there, I am pretty sure about it. By the way, you can also use the following video guide to get some ideas, which might be helpful for you.

Mobile gaming
Looking for ways to enjoy this game on your phone? Loo no more because we got it for you below, download links are live and working and it absolutely free.

With that being said I guess there is nothing more to add to this guide, one thing that I want to ask you is to not give up, keep on going, practice, build, think about ways to overcome your opponents, and enjoy your results later on in competitive matches.

Have fun and leave your comments below, tell us what you think about the unblocked version of Just Build LOL.