Fighting games

Fighting games

Tank Trouble 3 Unblocked

Tank Trouble 3 is an online PC game where you control a small tank and shoot down the enemies throughout the maze. In this newest unblocked version, you’re able to fight against your friends or against a computer system named Laika. The further you get through the game the more difficulty increases notably; this is where you better your skills to continue on.

How to Play

The goal of the game is to shoot down your opponents’ tank depending on the mode you’re playing in. There are a variety of tank colors, usually blue and green, to see the opponents on the map well. Great coordination is required but with practice, you’ll be shooting your enemy’s tank in no time. There are three mode options — single-player mode, 2 player mode, and 3 player mode.

Single Player Mode — In this mode the player competes against a computer player. The computer system is named Laika who fires missiles at your tank. Your goal is to use the controls to shoot Laika.

Two Player Mode — In this mode two players compete against each other, each controlling a tank. The aim is to control the tanks and take out each other. Whoever takes the other one down, wins!

Three Player Mode — In this mode three players compete against one another. Two players play from the keyboard while the third uses the mouse to control their tank.


There are many kinds of weapons available in the game. There are normal bullets and special bombs that kill the enemy in one shot. As you advance, you’re able to choose between the two weapon options.

To dodge the bullets, squeeze against the walls of the maze. This will reduce the risk of being hit.

There are different special power-ups that appear suddenly that improves the firepower of your tank. These are highly sought after so don’t ignore them if you see them near you!


The controls are simple and allow you to play with your friends by just using a keyboard and a mouse.

Player 1 

Shoot – Q

Navigate Up – E

Left – S

Down – D

Right F

Player 2 

Shoot – M

Key Arrows

Player 3

Click to shoot

Move the mouse according to where you want to move the tank.

Tank Trouble 3 unblocked is a simple yet interesting and competitive game. Whether you’re at home by yourself or have friends over you can enjoy this game and easily be entertained. Have fun!


Super Smash Flash 2 Unblocked

If you find it hard to play online Super Smash Flash 2 Unblocked we are happy to tell you that our blog has it. Here you can play it from any place, from school, from your work office and anywhere else, the game is fully unblocked and has all characters, all maps and all the cool stuff in it.

When it comes to fast and brutal fighting games SSF 2 is of course number one, everything in this game is near to perfection, many different characters with unique attack abilities, many different maps, objectives, and missions, you can play it with your friends as well as challenge them to duel and find out who is the best, you can play in single-player mode vs AI.

Game controls:

There are options for four different players, you can visit the game menu, select options tab and there you can find Controls section, I will share a screenshot for player one below and for the other three players you can set up buttons yourself, usually by default they aren’t selected.

As you can see buttons are not so simple, it is because that game is pretty complicated and has a lot of different options/features, anyway it will take some time to master all buttons, but trust me it is worth it in the end.

Leave some comments below in the section, share your gaming experience, tell us about your gaming strategies. Let’s build a friendly SSF2 community and enjoy this awesome game together.


Electric Man – Stick Wars Unleashed

One of the best fighting games out there is Electricman, why? Well, first of all, it has some amazing combo attacks in it, it has amazing slow-motion scenes, it is truly an action game filled with thrill and violence.

So it is important to note that the game belongs to the stick games category. The main idea of the game is to defeat all of your opponents and to do it in a classy way. You have at your disposal several attack moves, the top ones are slow-motion attacks that give the game a special look.

How to play:
Like in all other fighting games out there, your job here is to fight as hard as it is possible. You must use all your gaming skills and defeat your opponents. The game features a world of violence and in order to survive there, you must be tough. Use your martial art skills against your opponents, defeat them with special combo attacks and become champion of the arena.


Q – SlowMotion punch moves
A – Punch moves
W – SlowMotion kick moves
S – Kick moves
D – Grab moves
E – SlowMotion grab moves


 Run left


 Run right

P.S. Running while executing a move will create a new attack. SlowMotion attacks and the flip-over throw (Press D while running) both use up battery points.

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Selecting character:
Electricman allows you to name your character, but that’s not all, you can also edit other parameters as well: you can change the color of your character, you choose skill level, and like I have said before you can edit your name.

Welcome to the Tournament of Voltagen, this world of eternal combats allows different warriors to test their fighting skills. You can fight against other characters in the arena, you can use all your martial skills in order to achieve victory. The main goal of this tournament is to find out who is the strongest one in the stickman universe. It is said that the current champion of the arena can’t be defeated, but I’m pretty sure that you would love to test it yourself.
This arena has only one rule – use everything you have against your opponents in order to achieve victory!

I’m pretty impressed with this game and I must say that combo moves are just outstanding in this game, I also enjoyed moves that you can perform during running and other grab moves as well. If you are into fighting games, then you should definitely give it a try.