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Bloons Tower Defense 5 Hacked

How To Play BTD?
Place your towers carefully, make sure that the correct unit is placed incorrect spot, make sure that you use slowing towers, make sure that you don’t let the single balloon go past you. The game also offers different special units (called agents), they have strong firepower and they have unique abilities, use them if you have enough resources.
Keep in mind that some towers on their full upgrade have special abilities, in order to use them you will have to activate them.

Use your mouse to navigate in the game menu, click on towers, upgrade them with a help of a mouse, etc. All controls in the game involve the only mouse.
Some towers have hotkeys, you can find them in the navigation menu below the game screen.

Multiplayer Mode:
You can play with other players as well, you can defend your base together, you can share money with each other, etc.

The story of the game is simple, you control monkey characters (towers) and your objective is to defeat the army of balloons that want to destroy your base. Make sure that you don’t let a single balloon escape your wrath and pop all of them with a help of good strategy and smart tower placement.

We are happy to announce that we have hacked the version of the world’s best tower defense game – Bloons Tower Defense 5. This game is outstanding because it has many different features, different game modes, achievements. There are many towers as well, each tower has different upgrades and even upgrades have alternate options you can for example either go from target specific damage to AOE damage. BTD 5 is a very complicated game with a lot of different options.

Keep in mind that there are different types of balloons, some of them are armored, some of them ignore the specific types of damage, some of them are invisible, etc. You will have to keep all these details in mind in order to pop all of the balloons and succeed in the game.

Mine towers are my favorite ones, you place them at the end of the map, they produce mines and they place them all around the path. As soon as balloons reach the finish line these trap mines will pop them. The main reason why you should place them at the end of the path is to give them the maximum amount of time so they can accumulate the maximum amount of mines.

With all these upgrades, options, and modes you might feel a little discomfort at the beginning, but in time you will get used to it and you will enjoy all the diversity and functionality of the game, trust me.

Start your game now, don’t let any units to reach the finish line, and focus on completing different achievements.

BTD5 is my favorite game, I play it all day long at my work and I enjoy it very much. I also have other awesome games, give them chance, maybe you will enjoy them as well. I will list my favorite games below:
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P.S. I got some awesome interesting details regarding the BTD game, follow the ‘About page‘ to learn some secrets which will help you.

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