Basketball Legends

Basketball Legends Unblocked

Basketball Legends Unblocked is a free online game that features all legendary champions of this game. Of course, the game has some additions as well, you see all characters in it are represented with big heads, it is actually very funny and hilarious, apart from real-life tricks there are special moves as well, these special moves look like superpowers actually and make the game more action-filled and entertaining.

Unblocked mode simply means that game can be played from schools, from work offices and other restricted locations. You can enjoy this game for example from work in order to kill some time, in order to destress and avoid boredom.

How to play:
Well, how do you play basketball? You simply score against the enemy’s team, but we can’t really use word team in this game because most modes of the game are actually 1 vs 1 matches. One player against another, there are various tricks in the game in order to help you win, usually, players avoid using special moves until the end, it helps to leave more space for maneuvers and for planning.

AI, your opponent is a pretty good player, try not to lose your focus, make wise decisions and avoid leaving part of the field without defense. Keep in mind that in tournaments the higher you go in the list the tougher opponents you will face. The game is not easy at all, it is challenging and that is exactly why we love it so much, it helps us to improve our gaming skills.


– Player 1
W,A,S,D – movement, attack, navigation
V – supershot
B – action
B – shot
S – jump
D and D (double D button) – dash

– Player 2
Arrow buttons – movement, attack, navigation
K – supershot
L – action
B – steal
S – block
D and D (double D button) – dash

Game modes:
This game is rich in terms of functionality, in terms of various modes and possibilities. Here you can play in two-player mode, in this mode, you can play 1 vs 1 against your friend, you can take one AI on your side and play against your friend with his AI and you can also play against AI team with your friend. In order to stay entertained, we recommend trying all different modes.

You can also play in single-player mode, single-player modes include: tournaments, random matches and you can use training to improve your gaming skills.

If you don’t have much of the time you can simply play quick match mode, it is action-filled, a fast-paced mode that is both entertaining and fun.

How to make an already epic game even more interesting for gamers? Right, add achievement system, Basketball Legends is no exception, it has its own achievement system in it that includes tons of different challenges, if you want to take a look visit the main menu of the game and click on this icon .

Some of the achievements are: Gold Cup, Sniper, Buzzer Beater, Hard Gold Cup, Blocker, Block Scorer, etc.

Your device:
Enjoy this wonderful game on your phone, tablet, watch, etc.

A guide from YouTube:

This is one of the best games in its category, it has various modes, different special moves, multiplayer mode, funny legendary characters, etc.

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