Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars Unblocked

Are you fond of sports games? I am, I played various games from this category, but if you will ask me which one is the best I would instantly say that Basketball Stars Unblocked is number one in its class. Why? The answer is simple, because it features various game modes, it has tons of different maps, special moves, team, players, etc. As the name of the game suggests there are all popular stars in it, Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, etc.

But, let’s take a deeper dive into details, okay? Let’s cover every aspect of the game step by step.

Controls of the game:

– Attack
arrow keys for attack and move
Z supershot
X action
X shot
Down arrow key pump

Double click of right arrow button triggers dash

– Defense
A, W, S, and D buttons for defense and move
K supershow
L action
X steal
Down arrow key block

The attack and defense stance of your character changes as you carry the ball or lose it, keep that in mind!

Games have three main modes: 1 player, 2 players, and quick match. Quick match is as simple as it gets, you press this mode and you instantly start match vs AI 1 vs 1, no need to select anything.

1 player mode has sub-modes of its own, tournament, random match, and training.

2 players have some sub-modes as well, 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, and 2 players versus 2 AI players.

Two more icons in the main menu:
There are two more options in the main menu of the game: achievements and music. The music icon simply allows you to mute the game, as for the achievements icon, things are a little bit complicated.

Just like any decent game out there Basketball Stars has achievements as well. Here you can earn various trophies and rewards, the more of it you have the more it speaks about your gaming skills and your gaming level. Some of these achievements are pretty easy to earn while others require a lot of time and dedication.

So far so good there are 19 achievements in total, hardest one is: “Hard Gold Cup 2: Win Gold Cup in 2 vs 2 Hard Mode”.

Special moves:
Like I have said before, there are various characters in the game, but their difference is not about looks and cosmetics, these characters might as well have different special moves. Special moves are your ultimate stunts that can change the outcome of the game in critical moments, so it is really important to select a suitable character for your gaming style.

You can also change the difficulty of the game, there are two options: normal difficulty and hard difficulty. After selecting difficulty and character you will see the tournament grid menu. It is a simple scheme that shows how many teams are participating in the tournament and how many matches are there in total (quarterfinal, semifinal, 3rd place match, and final). After all the selections and things like that, you start your match.

You will notice that your special move ability has a cooldown of its own, well which is pretty common actually, special moves are very powerful things, in order to keep the balance in the game you have to limit it somehow, so using cooldown is a pretty good solution. You can track the current state of your special ability at the top left corner of the game window (special moves can be used with a help of the Z button).

Youtube video guide:
Is this article too complicated for you? If the answer is yes watch the following video guide below that is beginner-friendly and explains everything in detail.

This game on your device:
Just in case you are a fan of mobile gaming, I have awesome news for you. Now you can download the app on your phone and enjoy Basketball Stars Unblocked on your mobile.

This is one of the best web game on the browser platform, it features thrilling basketball matches, popular players, and mind-blowing special moves. If you love action sports games you should definitely try playing it.